Operation Transformation


Operation Transformation has finally come to an end.The whole FAS in CTC has participated in the 5k operation transformation After 8 weeks of hard physical training, everyone met up on Friday in the Phoenix Park for the big 5K run, 31st of march we did the 5k run we had to train for 8weeks within the centre sometimes we would go to the local park and train outside if the weather was good!. We did this to be fit and be able to run 5k it was for our health.

we had a early break at 9:30 it was healthy



learning outcome 10



copyright and related rights act (2000,2004)

A copyright work or a subject matter of a related right shall be considered to have been disclosed if it has been made available to the public with the consent of the right holder. A copyright work or a subject matter of a related right shall be considered published if, with the consent of the right holder, copies of that work or subject matter of a related right respectively have been offered to the public or put into circulation in the quantity sufficient to satisfy reasonable needs of the public.

Date protection act (1988,2003)

when you give your personal details to an organisation or individual,they have aduty to keep these details private and safe. This processes is known as date protection.

Defamation act (2009)

Defamation means to publish untrue remarks about someone that many damage their reputation. you may of heard of newspapers being sued for this occasionally.

consumer protection act (2007)

most consumers interact with digital media by shopping online. you actually have more rights when it comes to online shopping then you do in a walk-in shop.

Learning outcome 4


Film producer

The film producer makes the planning and would be the story boarded,

The film producers are in charge, Film producers prepare and then supervise the making of a film before presenting the product to a financing entity, basically the producer does everything. such as hiring key staff, reading, researching and assessing ideas and finished scripts,




The Director decides where the filming is done on set, each shot is filmed according to the plan. The director who is in charge, He has to instruct the actors as well as the crew, which would involve cameramen, lighting, props , drivers, stuntmen and play Foley artists.



It is the editor job to get all the special effects , music  and to add all the credits. The editor is in charge here. There will be a lot of specialists involved to add in effects and music